A Great Testimonial today from Kate Dobson & Lloyd...

Kate Dobson kindly wrote to us to tell us about her horse, Lloyd (pictured) -

"I have been feeding Equine 74 for a little over a year now and it has transformed my horse. Lloyd is incredibly sensitive and with the slightest pressure, he stresses and drops condition faster than you can imagine! Changes in the hay, his environment, even if I'm a bit stressed at work,all affect him and you can see him starting to suffer. He has a beautiful sweet nature and so I am so pleased I have found Equine 74 to help him. I work with him for his sensitive nature and Equine 74 is ensuring he isn't suffering, in pain, and he can enjoy his life. This month we did a Liberty performance at the Horsemanship Showcase for the British Liberty Horse Association! I never thought we would be able to perform, but he took the whole show in his stride and we can't wait for our next event!"

Thank you for your email Kate -  and a great picture of a happy Lloyd too!