"Don't just take our word that it is good stuff"...

A big thank you Wessex Chiropractic for your recent facebook post - it all really  helps to spread the word as more and more people are seeing the benefits of our unique supplement for themselves -
"You've probably heard us banging on about Equine 74 in the past. Well don't just take our word that it is good stuff which can have positive effects on horses with ulcers - read these :
Dr Tim Brazil BVSc, PhD Cert EM, (Internal Medicine) DECEIM MRCVS European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine
"The work carried out with Equine 74 Gastric in horses engaged in race and event training is most encouraging"
Zoe Davies MSc.Eq.S, R.Nutr Consultant Equine Nutritionist
"The peer reviewed and published research supports many of the claims for this unique and natural supplement, making it ideal for feeding to working and competing horses"
Dr Alice Stack MVB, PhD, DIP ACVIM Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist
" Equine 74 helps to reduce these effects by supporting a healthy gastric environment and should be considered as an important part of your horse's rehabilitation care"
R OShea MVB, MRCVS, Equine Veterinary Practioner
"We are all very well aware of the statistics when it comes to competition horses and gastric issues so it is great to find a supplement that works, at an affordable price. The change in our horses has been phenomenal, it truly has"