Help your Horses's Stomach Health in 2022!

New Year Resolution ? - Help to Maintain your horses' stomach health.

EGUS (Equine Gastric Ulceration Syndrome) can be a hidden enemy and is much more common than many think and maintaining a healthy stomach for your horse is crucial for their well-being and, in turn, their performance. The condition can be painful  and utterly debilitating for a horse. They can't tell us what the problem is and whilst there are signs and symptoms,  sometimes you just feel that something is just not right with your horse. This is why Equine 74 Gastric was developed and we put all our resources into the development of a quality product - it has been researched (Peer Reviewed in the Journal of Veterinary Medicine) and trialled. The success stories from riders and owners give further anecdotal evidence that Equine 74 really does help horses with this serious condition.