"He's back to his old self thank goodness !.."

Gilly Hogan just contacted us to re-order her Equine 74 Gastric for her horse Pluto. She has been a customer for over 12 months and had been very pleased with how Pluto looked and felt. In the beginning of this summer, Gilly thought Pluto would be OK without his Equine 74 as he is on night turnout and doesn’t have much hard feed. But it soon became apparent that he really did need his Equine 74 as he had become grumpier in the stable and when being girthed. Gilly commented “you sometimes wonder if a product is working, as the benefit can be gradual and hard to see, but having taken him off the Equine 74 Gastric for 3 months, Pluto’s change in behaviour and temperament was quite obvious. He is now back on it and within a couple of weeks he is back to his old self, thank goodness!” Thank you to Gilly for these comments and also thanks for the picture of Pluto - he looks amazing.