"What a transformation Equine 74 has made.."

“The best product on the market” says Holly Jones, who runs a breaking, schooling and rehab yard in Cheshire. “What a transformation Equine 74 Gastric has made to my little mare. Her behaviour was becoming erratic and unpredictable, and riding her started to be a battle. Since starting her on the Equine 74 I've noticed a phenomenal difference. She's settled, her behaviour has dramatically improved and I've finally got her back jumping again! I would recommend Equine 74 to anybody, and since seeing such remarkable results with this mare, all of my horses will now have this supplement in their daily feeds. Finally a product that really works! Huge thanks to Amanda, this product has saved my sanity!” Thanks Holly, (and thanks for the great picture too ),we are really pleased to hear your comments and that it has made such a difference to your mare.